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NATO’s 75th Anniversary

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In 2024, NATO celebrates 75 years of collective defence.

Since its creation on 4 April 1949, the transatlantic Alliance has grown from 12 founding members to 32 member countries, all working together to keep our people safe. A community of Allies bound together by common values of democracy, individual liberty, human rights and the rule of law, NATO celebrates its anniversary on 4 April at NATO Headquarters in Brussels and at the upcoming summit on 9-11 July in Washington, D.C., where its founding treaty was signed. 

Discover NATO’s past through the voices of those who witnessed historic moments first-hand. In podcast episodesfeature stories and a documentary, they share their unique perspectives on how NATO has evolved over more than seven decades – while maintaining its core mission of protecting its members from any threat. 

Stay tuned for the latest news and events, and follow #1NATO75Years on social media. 


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